Metal Roofing

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I didn’t work on many projects this past Summer because one project took up most of our waking hours.   It was a LONG time coming but will be worth it all now that it’s finished!
I am pleased to present (drum roll here, dadadadadadaaaaa…)

My New Metal Roof

My Better Half, children, and I worked diligently to get this new roof on.  Many times we thought of quitting and calling the professionals.  But we persisted and got the job done, saving us a lot of money, while learning lots of new life skills.

We decided to go with a metal roof because it is guaranteed to last for life and supposed to help keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

We live in the snow belt of Ohio and so the 100+ inches of snow we get each year will just slide right off.

The metal roof gives our little house a nice, clean look (any little bit helps, you know) and will never have to be it!!

It really was a lot of work and I’m not sure if we ever had to replace it that we would do it ourselves.  But it is done now (so thankful!) and supposedly, we will not have to replace it again!



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  1. Awesome! It looks like all of the hard work paid off!

  2. Wow! That is one huge job…congrats to all of you for persisting and getting it done! And it’s so interesting seeing your ‘whole’ house. Having seen bits and pieces of it on other posts, I would have imagined it to be out in the country! It’s all in the perspective, isn’t it?! Love it!

  3. looks great!! but is it loud when it rains?

    • It is not loud when it rains. There are spacers between the old roofing and the new metal roofing. This gives an air barrier for heat, cold, and sound! The road noise is quieter too!

  4. Wow, great work! Looks awesome!

  5. Love it. Your house is charming.

  6. It does look nice. Hopefully you’ll see the diff. in heating and cooling cost.

  7. Looks wonderful. The thing is…now you have done it, and if you ever want or need to do it again, it will be easier. The first time is a learning experience, the second is practice :)

  8. Wowza! That is a huge improvement and something to really be proud of! Amazing! :)

  9. Way to go and persevere…and make good family memories!

  10. I love the look of metal roofs! Does it work on flat roofs? Can't wait to read more about it! It looks great!

  11. Very nice. Congrats it s all done. It is a Blessing to see family wrking together. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a Beautiful Thursday,

  12. The roof looks great. Although it was difficult, tearing off the old roof and doing shingles would have been more time consuming. Not to mention it would also be more labor intensive too for shingles. Thank you for sharing the process with us.

  13. Impressive! And how wonderful that you turned it into a learning experience for your children. Bet you can’t wait for the first snowfall now. :)

  14. Hi Carrie, I’m Anne from Life on the Funny Farm (, and I’m visiting from the More the Merrier Monday.

    This looks fantastic! Good for you and your brood for fighting through the frustration with your pioneer spirit. Congrats on a job well done!

    Anyway, thanks for posting this. If you’ve never visited yet, I hope you can pop by my blog sometime to say hi…

  15. What you did was quite dangerous, but I guess working with your family and gaining new skills is priceless and worth the risk. Nice choice of roof, by the way. Metal roof is ideal to protect your home from calamities such as snow and rains. It is known for its durability which makes it low-maintenance. It also has an environment-friendly feature that makes it cooler :-) How cute you match the color of your roof to the entire house. Two thumbs up for the job well done!

    Lenore Lung

  16. When it comes to repair the existing roof or constructing a new one then there are a variety of different materials to choose from. All of these materials will give a different look to a home and they all have unique advantages and disadvantages too. Metal roofing is a nice option as it is much durable and also available in different colors so it can add charm to your house.

  17. Amazing! Your roof really looked like it was installed by professional roofers! I know that all of you had a hard time for it is never easy to install a roof, which is why I hope you never had problems afterwards. Good job!

  18. The metallic luster of metal roofs gives an attractive look to the entire system. Metals impart shine and are considered as one of the attractive forms.
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  21. Amazing! Your hard work and dedication to finish that roofing is totally paid off, because the result is so perfect. I really like the appearance of your house now. Thumbs up!

  22. Ann Shirley says:

    Metal roofing sounds like it would be very durable. I like that it will keep your home cooler in the summer. That’s always a problem at my home. We are looking to replace our roof at the moment. It has been leaking whenever it rains so we are looking for roof repair in Hawaii to stop leaks. The metal roof you choose looks so nice. I was wondering though, is it loud? I imagine metal to be loud when it rains.

  23. Hi Carrie,

    I love the roof. My husband and I want to tackle this project too. Can you share any pointers and where you purchased your supplies.

    Thank you,


  1. […] I can’t begin to imagine how much we would have paid for labor.  Also, by doing it ourselves, we learned many new life skills like we did when we installed our new metal roof. […]

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