Crazy Target Deals

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I came across some crazy Target deals yesterday in very unusual place!!  I was at a local closeout store and was shocked to see some things I have looked at…even tried on just a few weeks ago at Target…for a fraction of the cost!!  Let me show you what I found…
Have you seen these at Target??  I even tried them on but wasn’t willing to pay $14.99 for them.

  BUT…$1.99 works for me!!

These I just had to buy for my little niece.  I had looked at these at Target but $22.99…not realistic.

BUT seriously…$4.99???

Who could pass that up!!??

Then, my Princess has been asking for rain boots and I’ve been watching the thrift stores, to no success…

So, when I saw these…well, you know.  They were $32.99 just weeks before…

But me, I paid just $7.95!!

Ok, so you know I love a good deal, but a good deal on shoes???  That makes the deal even better!!

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  1. Wow! You did great. Where is this place and is there more than one of them ?

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