DIY Trellis

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I have great success with clematis.

I don’t do anything special…no great soil or mulch they just do really well for me.

Last year the above clematis got so big that it broke that piece of lattice it was hanging on.  So My Better Half made me a nice little trellis for it this Summer. I’ve asked him to share the details of how he made it:

We sorted through our “boneyard” (scrap pile) and pulled out all the painted 1 inch thick cedar lumber we could find.  The final tally was four 4×8’s, two 4×6’s, and a few 2×6’s.  Everything went through the table saw to make it true, and then was ripped down to 3 inches (for the posts and trusses) and 3/4×3/4.

We didn’t have a pattern to follow, except for our existing full size trellis, so we decided to build this new one at about 1/2 scale of the original.

We assembled the sides first, using an air powered brad nailer, and used exterior glue to give the new project long term durability.  By constructing both sides at the same time, it was simple to make sure they were both identical.

We built the top and then fastened the sides and top together with decking screws.  Carrie’s artistic eye knew the project lacked “character” and so, using her Dremel, carved a floral design into the front valance…perfect!

Finally, we cut angled bases on the bottom of the posts, and carefully drove the arbor down into the flower bed, keeping it level, plumb, and square as it was being set in.  Being cedar…and painted…it should last for years even in the damp soil.

Carrie was able to quickly train the clematis to cling to the new trellis and it is thriving on its new habitat…and  healthier too.

And My Better Half too!
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  1. Would love for you to share this great diy-trellis on Simple & Sweet Fridays.
    New Follower!


  2. Jealous!

  3. I love your Clematis! They got so covered in blooms! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Just beautiful. Are they able to take some shade? Thanks for sharing. enJOYed your post.

  5. Love it! ~ would love to have you link up to Fishtail Cottage’s Garden Party this upcoming Thursday! xoxo, tracie

  6. I love this idea…would love it if you came by One More Time Events and shared

  7. Wow, gorgeous flowers! I so wish I had a green thumb. Everything I plant ends up dying. LOL But maybe I will try to get some kind of a climber for my patio.

  8. this settles it! I’m going to plant a clematis – now to get my men on the trellis project. Thanks for sharing your beautiful project with us

  9. Beautiful! And that little trellis is just adorable. I love the cottage-y vibe they have :)

  10. How handy! Your clematis is beautiful.

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