DIY Chicken Wire Magazine Baskets

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I came across a Pin of a Pottery Barn Wire Mesh Wall-Mount Magazine Rack and loved the look but first of all, they are no longer available and secondly, I would never pay the Pottery Barn price for, well…anything.  So I tried to replicate the look and this is what I came up with.

chicken wire magazine rack

Pretty cool, huh?  I LOVE them!!

I found some chicken wire at ReStore for $4 quite some time ago, and was just waiting for an opportunity to use it and this was the perfect opportunity!

Now, you can make these VERY easily and I’m going to show you how…

All you need is  chicken wire, some sturdy wire cutters, and a pair of needle nose pliers.


This is the diagram of how to cut the chicken wire.

chicken wire magazine diagram

After cutting the chicken wire, you need to bend it.

102_9302I used a straight-edged board and bent the wire as marked below in red.

Chicken Wire diagram bends

After you bend the wire you will begin to be able  to see how it will take shape.


Now bring the edges of the chicken wire together and twist with needle nose pliers.


This is what the edges will look like once they are all twisted together.


It took a while to get all the edges twisted together, but the finished product was totally worth the work!

102_9301     102_9299   102_9300

My Better Half mounted them on the wall by taking a cable staple and breaking it in half.


He then screwed it into the wall for extra support.  He placed one on each side of the top and one in the middle of the bottom.


These are surprisingly sturdy and work perfectly for magazines, notebooks, or file folders.



So, for $4 I made both of these Chicken Wire Magazine Racks and I still have some chicken wire left for another project…not to bad, huh?

I got some great pointers for these at Infarrantly Creative.  She made some hardware cloth ones.  You can see them here.


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  1. Those turned out great, good job! Yes, Pottery Barn is very nice looking but can be so pricey. Thanks for posting a tutorial.

    Nicole @ WKH

  2. Wow! Those look wonderful. I like how the simple look of the chicken wire doesn’t compete with any existing decor. Great idea!

  3. This particular posting, “DIY Chicken Wire Magazine Baskets

  4. Oh, I LOVE these! I’ve been wanting to build a few wall pockets like this in my office!!!

  5. I love this idea! I think there may be some chicken wire in my hubby’s shed! I’ll have to snag it and create a couple of these! I love how close to the wall these are, not bulky at all! Perfect for our too small bathroom. I think one in our front hall to hold mail would be great too!

  6. hi. would be great, 3 put up, for potatoes, onions/garlic, and apples/squashes, so much of that being used in the fall holidays, would look smashing!!


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