Closet Office Upper Cabinets

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So, a couple weeks ago I revealed my closet office.  You know the one, right?!  If you don’t, you can see all the details of that post HERE.

Closet Office Space

In that post I told you that you would not believe what we made the upper cabinets from, so today I’m going to show you my little secret.

For months at church, I kept seeing this ugly, dusty cabinet in the back foyer with a sign on it that said” if you want me, take me”.  I kept trying to think of a purpose for this interesting piece but to no avail.



But one day we were there and it hit me…  cut it down and make upper cabinets for my closet office instead of just having a desk in there.  I asked My Better Half, who is the brawn behind my madness, if he thought it would work and he did!!!




Using his tablesaw, he cut them down and using his jigsaw, added a decorative curve in the base of each of the cabinets.  I painted them white and he mounted them to the wall.



The tops were mounted flush with the ceiling of the closet, so he attached a piece of crown molding to the top to create a cabinet effect.


This gave the top of the cabinets a finished look.  My Better Half also put a curved board at the top center of the cabinets to tie them together.  I found the light at ReStore over a year ago for $4.  I wasn’t sure where I was going to use it until we started this project!


My Better Half built the craftsman style cabinet doors himself for just a few dollars.  He’s writing that post with detailed step by step instructions.

The space was kind of dark after the upper cabinets went in so we installed lighting in the bottoms of the cabinets.  I love the look this provides.


I could not be more thrilled with the way these upper cabinets turned out and I certainly can’t beat the price!!



If you like what you see, follow along:

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  1. That is an amazing recycle! Your husband is very talented. Does he do woodworking or carpentry for a living too? Or just to keep up with your ideas? :)

  2. I’m envious!! That is such a cute office space. It’s always nice to be able to retrofit something like that to make a space useful. And you’d never know it had been something completely different!

  3. I was just waiting to read this post, to see how the upper cabinets were built/installed. Couldn’t have guessed ! Absolutely lovely.

  4. Had to go see how you did the project first and then read this one. You and your husband are a great team. I’m not sure how you saw the potential in that old cabinet, but the result is wonderful.

  5. Genius! What a diamond in the rough! You and your husband did a wonderful job!

  6. Featuring YOU today! Thanks for linking up to {wow me} wednesday!

    Ginger @

  7. Betty819 says:

    What a great job your DH did remodeling your closet..I’ve seen pictures where people have used a double closet like this but I’d have cautaphobic without a window..I’d have to put a portable fan in there to be able to breathe.
    If my DH didn’t have his solid cherry Hooker brand desk, I’d really consider having somebody to make a set up like your DH did. Using the old cabinet or desk from church was a savings for you and using it the way he did was certainly creative. Tell DH he should start his own business! Thanks for sharing your tuitorial.

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