DIY Ice Packs

With a house full of boys and an active little girl, we are always suffering bumps, bruises, and aches and pains.  To soothe these pains, I’ve always used a bag of frozen peas.  They do the job and are only about $1, but my last bag of frozen peas started leaking green goo, so I figured it was time to get rid of it!  Gross, I know.

DIY Ice Packs

Last week, I found myself in need of an ice pack and my freezer, void of frozen peas.  This led me to a simple internet search of Homemade Ice Packs.  I certainly never thought I’d find ingredients to include, vodka, dish soap, a diaper, white rice, and many other unusual things.  I didn’t have most of those ingredients, but I did have these very simple needed items:


2 cups water

1/2 cup alcohol (the higher the % of alcohol, the more mushy your ice packs will stay)

2-3 drops blue food coloring (optional)

zipper seal bag

These ice packs took all of two minutes to make.  All you have to do is put the three ingredients in a zipper seal bag and freeze.


Because of the alcohol in the ice packs, they do not freeze solid, but stay slushy.  This makes them easier to wrap around an injury.  I double bagged my ice packs just to be safe, in case of a tear.

I now have several of these in my freezer.  I think they will be so much better than my frozen peas.  I also don’t have to worry about any green goo.  :)  So, I hope you don’t need one of these, but just in case, make one up and throw it in the freezer now!

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  1. Neat! I had no idea! I am going to make mine in like 2 minutes :) Pinning :)

  2. I really need to make some of these!

  3. this is hands down one of the best DIY’s I’ve seen in ages! I live in italy and one tiny blue bag cost me 15euros!!!!! (~27usd)

  4. What a great diy! I have tons of ice packs leftover from food orders, however, they’re really stiff and not always good for injuries. Sometimes I need more mushy ice packs.

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