Snowmen Spoon Ornaments

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A dear friend of mine has a Christmas craft show and sale every year which is absolutely amazing!  I honestly don’t know how she comes up with new creative ideas every year to fill a barn.  Yep, you read that right, she fills a small barn!  Granted she has some help…  I’ve helped out the past couple of years, making a few odds and ends.

This year, my time was so limited that I only made a couple items to sell. Thankfully, most of them sold but I took some pictures while I was working on them so I could share them with you.


Several years ago, my mom bought me a big package of spoons from the local stuff mart.  I have so many spoons now that I can’t even fit them all in one drawer.  I had some extras still in the package so I decided to use them to make these cute ornaments.

First off I painted the rounded part of the spoon…what is that part called anyway?


I spray painted both sides and then hot glued a piece of fabric around it to make a hat.  You could use whatever fabric you want.  I had some extra felt laying around so I used that.


I tied the fabric with twine to create a hat and then cut little strips in the top to make a fringe for the hat.


I then used permanent markers to draw on the faces of the snowmen.  Each one looks different and has a little personality of its own.


I recruited my Better Half to bend the tops of the spoons down.  This made a perfect hook to hang them on the tree.


These turned out super cute and took only a few minutes to make.  So, if you are looking for a little gift or need something to add to the top of a package, look around for some extra spoons.  I bet your local thrift store has them for cheap!!



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