Homemade Hot Pockets – A Money Saving Tip

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If you’re new around, I have three teenage boys.  They are not little boys either.  At approximately 6 feet, two inches, 220 pounds, they can put away the food.  I work very diligently to keep my grocery bill as low as it can be.  Several years ago, I shared a post about Saving On Your Grocery Bill, I still use this tip to save, but my efforts to save require more.  Sometimes however, my boys buy those convenience foods, you know, the ones they can pull out of the freezer, pop in microwave and eat in two minutes.  One of their favorites is hot pockets, the red box of pizza-like goodness wrapped in dough, labeled with the overpriced tag.

hot pockets 5

Well, one day my boys got home from the classes they are taking and were looking for some of their yummy convenience foods…they were out!!  Their initial reaction was to run to the stuff mart that’s just a few minutes away but I encouraged them to take just a few minutes and make their own “convenience food”.  We happened to have a can of flaky biscuits in the back of the refrigerator and so we had the makings of their favorite, hot pockets.

hot pockets 1

These are really easy to make, require just a few ingredients, and taste yummy!  Here’s what you do:

Take the biscuits out of the can.  I always jump when the can of biscuits pops…I know, ridiculous!

Flatten the biscuits and add your toppings.  We had some pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and an opened jar of pasta sauce.  Perfect!!  Place your toppings on half of the biscuit.

hot pockets 2

Fold the biscuits over to make a moon-shaped pocket.

hot pockets 3

Finally, bake according to the instructions on the biscuit can or until golden brown.

hot pocket 4

These turned out warm, gooey, and delicious.  Although they were not done in 2 minutes like the store bought ones, these were MUCH better, made more, and were WAY less expensive!

So, save a little money and make your own hot pockets, or better yet, convince your kiddos to do it!


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