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Welcome to Saving4Six.  I’m Carrie and I’ve created this page so you can find out a bit about who I am…

First of all, I am a daughter of God…the God of the Bible.  I trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as a child and have never looked back.  I love to serve Him with my talents and strive to honor Him with my life daily.

Next, I am a wife.  I have the extreme privilege of being married to my best friend.  I know that seems cliche.  It is not in my situation.  God has blessed me beyond measure and anyone that knows my man will agree,  I did VERY well in the husband category.

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In February we celebrated 21 years of marriage.  We cry together, play together, pray together, and laugh together.  He is the funniest, most witty person I know.

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We have had some tough times.  Early on in our marriage I thought manipulation was my best plan of action.  I learned however, that I may get what I want immediately, but long term it was very damaging to our relationship.  God rescued me from that downward spiral and has blown my mind in the “wedded bliss” department.

I am a mom.

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After several years of trying to get pregnant, with surgeries and fertility drugs, God decided he would give us what we asked for, and in 13 months we had two sons and in under 37 months we had three sons.

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All three of them are now teenagers and we are adjusting to all that it entails.   God blessed us again many years later with a Princess.

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She is nine and is a gift that I enjoy daily.  I’m a homeschooling mom, which keeps me very busy.  I have a Senior, Junior, Freshman, and fourth grader.

In 2013, our Princess started having seizures.  This was a very scary time for us as a family.  She is undergoing treatment and has adjusted well to the meds that suppress them.

In 2014, our third born son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  He continues to amaze us with his care-free attitude and loves his new insulin pump and continuous glucose moniter!

Life is busy and crazy,  but God is good.

Finally, I have learned that by putting Jesus first, others second and myself last (J-O-Y), it truly does make for a JOYful life (I didn’t say easy, pain-free, or worry-free).  When I have time, I love to play the piano.  It is my passion, relieves my stress, and is a tool I use to worship God.  I dabble in scrapbooking, sewing, cooking, couponing, writing, and sleeping.  My smart phone is my favorite gadget and my luxury item.  Folgers coffee is my drink of choice and my favorite meal is by far…The Olive Garden’s Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo.  YUMMmmmmm!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  I’m a blogger.


I started this blog when I was couponing like a crazy woman and wanted to share my deals with friends who were interested.  Well, since then my couponing has decreased but I continue to blog because I enjoy sharing other ways I have found to save money and how I make my house a beautiful home on a budget.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you will inspired to save!