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I have a pretty amazing little girl.  She is growing up way too quickly and is very mature for her age. She started her first babysitting job a little over a month ago and seeing how responsible she is with her job, makes me even more proud.

She is also a tremendous baker, who I can envision one day having her own baking show or ending up as a world renown foodie blogger.  The one thing I love to see with her is that she receives such joy by giving to others.  She has a giving heart and announced to me yesterday that she’d like to make a dessert every week and give it to someone at church each Sunday, yep…proud mama moment.

Button Art Hero

Another talent of hers is that is very artistic and loves to be crafty and creative.  I marvel often when she comes out of her room with her nails painted in crazy creative ways.  The other day she randomly asked me, “Mom, do we have any citric acid?”  That wasn’t weird…isn’t that what every 11 year old asks??  She was making bath bombs and wanted something to add to them for the fizzing effect.  She’s always working on something!!

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, the little girl that she babysits had a birthday and My Princess wanted to make her something for the occasion.  So, just like her mama, she scoured Pinterest and found button art and decided to try it.

I hear people all the time say that they are not crafty but if you are looking for a gift for a niece, friend, or child of your own, this button art is ridiculously easy and extremely cute.

Button Art 1

So here’s how she made this adorable button art:

First, we searched the internet for “free Ariel images”.  Remember, some images are copyrighted and it is illegal to download or print them.  So be sure to download and print one that isn’t copyrighted.  You could also use a picture from a picture or coloring book.

Next, pick out colored buttons to coordinate with your image.  She found these buttons at our local stuff mart for just a few dollars and we have plenty to make more button art.

Then place your buttons where you want them and adhere a bottom layer of buttons with glue.  She used school glue for the bottom layer of buttons and then let it sit for about an hour.  After the bottom layer of buttons was dry, she added a scattered second layer of buttons to cover up the gaps between the buttons.  For the second layer of buttons, we used the hot glue gun to make sure the buttons stuck well to each other.

Button Art 2

Finally she removed the glass from our $3 stuff mart frame and cut the picture down to size.  It fit just perfectly in the frame and looked adorable!

Her next project is to make one with her favorite Princess, Belle which she plans to keep for herself!

Happy Crafting,

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