Resurfacing a Dishwasher Front Panel


With Spring cleaning and sprucing up in the air, I thought I’d pull up a post from a couple years ago that would help in this area.  I don’t know about you, but with all the beautiful sunshine, I have been much more aware of the dirt, grime, scratches, and scuffs that accumulated over the Winter months.  My kitchen has been a target area for me to work on and in my efforts to make everything look better, a little coat {Read More}

Welcome to Think Tank Thursday 3/26


Thanks for joining us!  It’s supposed to be 60 degrees here today. 60…that’s 6-0…WOOHOO!! We’re getting some rain right now so I think it may finally melt the last few piles of snow by my driveway!!   I can hardly wait to wear the flip flops!! Anywhoo, a couple years ago my sister (from Joyful Homemaking) and I started the Think Tank, so those that want to share can share, and those that want to be inspired can do that too.  So, {Read More}

Welcome To Think Tank Thursday 3/19


Thanks for joining us this week!  It’s a busy week here at Saving4Six.  My Princess (and baby) turns 10 today and my oldest turns 18 tomorrow!!  I can’t believe how the time has flown but am so thankful to be able to say I’m the mom to these precious kiddos! Anyway, a couple years ago my sister (from Joyful Homemaking) and I started the Think Tank, so those that want to share can share, and those that want to be {Read More}

Spring Cleaning Tips

Our recent floor project has left a layer of dust on almost everything in our house and after a LONG Winter, the occasional peek of sunshine is revealing a Winter-long layer of dust and cobwebs on just about everything else.  YUCK! So, since I’m doing some cleaning around here, I thought I’d share some Spring cleaning tips that I’ve shared before, but ones I continue to use at my house year after year. 1.  First of all, I enter the room {Read More}

Welcome To Think Tank Thursday 3/12


“What is Think Tank?”  I received that question this week and thought maybe I’d explain to any of you who visit this post each week but are not sure what it’s all about.  So here goes: Think Tank Thursday is a link party and a link party is a fun and profitable get together of bloggers who share their creative ideas, projects, and blog posts from the week.  Pictures and the title or description of the post is listed below in the {Read More}

Refinishing Our 100 Year Old Floors

refinish floors 10

This has been a LONG winter!  A LONG almost project-free winter.  It’s too cold to spray paint or work in the unheated garage, and quite honestly, it takes a whole lot of effort to even leave the house these days.  Because of that, I’ve been staring at these same four walls for a long time and dreaming of projects I can get my hands into.  Well, a couple weeks ago, My Better Half and I had the house to ourselves {Read More}

Welcome to Think Tank Thursday 3/5


Just thought you’d want to know…we are having a major melt down here in Ohio.  The thermometer actually hit the 30’s yesterday.  I know that might not seem like big news to you, but let me tell you…it is HUGE!  Spring may actually show up this year!!  WooHoo! Anyway, if you’re new here, my Sister and I work together at the Think Tank, so anything you link up here will show up over at Joyful Homemaking as well. Once again, we are both {Read More}

Our Family Command Center

Family Command Center

Things at our house just seem to be getting more and more busy.  Classes, different work schedules, skiing, library programs, bible studies, hanging with friends, service projects, doctor appointments, and baby sitting jobs keep us hopping most of the time.  I have really struggled to keep everything organized and honestly get tired of the 20 questions that take place every day, like… Are we doing anything today?  and What’s for dinner?  and When are we leaving? To remedy (or at least {Read More}

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