My New Craftsman Front Door

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So, back in 2011 we had a leak in our entryway/mudroom that required major repair. You can see those posts here, here, and here.  We took the entire room back to the studs, hung new drywall, replaced the old wiring, lighting, outlets, paint, flooring and I dreamed of getting a new Craftsman front door.  But it didn’t happen in 2011.  My old front door wasn’t bad…actually my front door is one of my highest viewed posts on my blog when it looks like this…


But, since 2011 my front door has gone down hill.  Some just from age, more just because I was tired of it and REALLY wanted a new one!  I’ve been saving for a new door for a LONG time but every time I get close, I have to rob Peter to pay Paul and my “front door fund” goes to a need instead of a want.  You get that, right?

Anyway, here comes the exciting stuff!!!  Last summer My Better Half was on his way home from work and saw a door sitting out by the road.  Low and behold, it was a craftsman door!!!  He sought out the owner of the door and found out that the lady only wanted $15 for the door.  Now before you get all excited and think I got a brand new craftsman door for $15, let me show you the harsh reality of the door…


As you can see, the door was in really bad shape.  The water damage to the door and frame were extensive.


BUT…  it is a $15 Craftsman door that I know My Better Half and I can work to make into a beautiful masterpiece.

I cannot fully express to you my excitement about this door!  I know it looks bad here and you might be thinking “EW”, but please trust me…this is gonna get good!!

Next time, I’ll show you some progress we’ve made on the craftsman door and give you a peek of how bad my old front has gotten.


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