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A few months ago, I was reading through my e-mail and came across this one:

    ” Hi Carrie,
     Hope you’re doing well! I’m writing because we’d love to feature your closet-office in the August issue of This Old House Magazine, in our Budget Redo column. In this column we highlight awesome money-saving projects, with credit to the homeowners who took them on. We also credit the homeowner’s blog within the magazine.
     Would you have time to talk to me about your closet-office project this week? It should only take about 30 minutes.
     Thanks so much for your time! Looking forward to hearing from you.
I started screaming and jumping up and down!!!  My kids and Better Half thought I had finally lost it!!  They were asking questions like “Are we going to Disney World?” , “Am I getting and insulin pump?”, “Did we win the lottery?”.  I handed my phone to My Better Half and although he didn’t jump up and down or scream when he read the e-mail, I knew he really wanted to.


SOooo, after working with the Assistant Editor, the Photo Editor, and the Fact Checker for This Old House Magazine, here we are in the August 2014 edition!!!  EEEeeekkkk!!  How exciting is this!!?? There are only two pictures of the closet office transformation in the magazine… The before: 102_9242 And of course, one of the after: Closet Office   So, if you happen to be visiting here from This Old House Magazine, or you’re new to Saving 4 Six, you can see the the makeover transformation in the posts below.  Just click on the text below each picture.

Closet Office Makeover Begins

How to Make a Plank Wall

How To Refinish a Table or Desk

Dresser to Desk Transformation

How to Install Hardware Simply and Perfectly Everytime 

Closet Office Reveal

Closet Office Upper Cabinets

New Bright Dining Room

Anyway, I’m just SUPER excited and wanted to share my excitement with you!!

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  1. WooHoo!!! I am jumping up and down with you! That is so cool! I am so happy for you Carrie!!! (Scream, scream, scream!!!) That is Awesome!!! Congratulations!!! That is a Fantastic feather in your cap!

  2. Wow – Congratulations! Heavens to Betsy – that’s Awesome! Now, not only do you have a great office to work in, you are published in a national magazine! Okay – I’m jealous. 😀

  3. wow! great job!


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